I never really got into black and white photography. I can appreciate it when it’s done well, but I don’t think it’s for me. My photography, such as it is, is a reaction to what I see in the world around me, and I see the world in colour.

I did experiment with black and white a few times back in my pre-digital days, but I was always careful to load the monochrome film when I was sure I wouldn’t need to take any important photos, or go on holiday, so that I wasn’t stuck with black and white when I needed colour. Here are a few examples from the acetate archives, all from around 2000-2001.

This is a page from Dickens’ Hard Times. As I sat reading it in a house in south London I was struck by the light from the window behind it passing through the page, and how the text on either side of the page overlapped, except for certain phrases near the paragraph breaks.

Me reflected in a Christmas bauble in a shop window in Genoa.

Paola looking across Genoa from atop Monte Fasce.

The Seine.

The amazing windows in the Institut du Monde Arab in Paris.

Of course these days the monochrome option is one (or maybe a few) mouseclick away, but it never occurs to me to do it. Maybe I should?