T-shirt politics

I wouldn’t normally dream of using my child’s body as a platform for my political or ideological views, but I must say that I’m sorely tempted by this product from Stardust Kids Clothes.

We’ll be in America around the time of the Royal Wedding which will probably mute its potential for edginess and eye-catching dissent somewhat (or is California full of monarchists?), but I like the colour. The sentiment also strikes a chord as I will be doing my best to avoid as much exposure as possible to the event. No, we didn’t plan our holiday with the express purpose of getting away from all the royal hoopla, that was just a very happy coincidence. Now that I think of it, as Stardust Kids Clothes also sells adult sizes of this particular t-shirt, I can almost see us five in matching outfits, all walking around the Disneyland theme park on the actual day of the royal wedding. Maybe we could all get Johnny Rotten hairdos and snarl and spit on the ground a lot?  On the other hand, The Magic Kingdom probably has a zero-tolerance policy towards anti-princess agitators, and we’d be thrown out before you could say “Someday my prince will come”.

I have to say that the ladies in the family don’t all agree with me: my wife has set the DVR to record the BBC’s coverage of the ceremony so that she can show the wedding to our girls when we get back from California, reasoning that they’ll love seeing a real-life princess in a pretty dress. After all she still has a very clear memory of watching Charles and Diana’s wedding when she was about the same age our eldest is now.

Or maybe we could avoid all the potential offence and intergenerational conflict and simply get matching father and son Iron Man t-shirts…?

One thought on “T-shirt politics

  1. paola April 15, 2011 / 1:00 pm

    M will be forever grateful for his lovely t-shirt.


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