Thai markets

I’m currently reading a book (The Windup Girl, by Paolo Bacigalupi) set in Thailand. The Thailand of the late 22nd century, admittedly, and one where genetic modification of foodstuffs is the norm. What this means is that there are numerous scenes (so far; I’m only 100 pages in) set in the markets of Bangkok, where characters examine what fruit and vegetables are on offer. Naturally my mind was cast back to when we visited Thailand almost a decade ago, and what we saw in the markets there.

This one was about an hour’s drive north of Bangkok, as I recall. The usual selection of goods, including typical, and typically delicious, fruits like jackfruit and durian.

The floor looks strange though, doesn’t it? Almost like…railway tracks?

And what’s that in the distance? And why is that man holding up a flag?

No…it can’t be…

At this point I stopped taking photos and got the hell out of the way.

This happens eight times a day. You can watch the whole process here:

And railways aren’t the only thoroughfares used by the Thais to buy and sell goods. Rivers are often home to “floating markets”, with many vendors not even bothering to unload their goods onto dry land, but selling directly from their canoes.

Must go back some day…