Celebrity endorsement

When eating at one of the best local Thai restaurants with friends, nothing reassures you more as to the wisdom of your choice than a wall decorated with messages from minor celebrities attesting to the quality of the meal. Unfortunately in this case most of the minor celebrities were of the Franco-Belgian persuasion, and as such their names meant nothing to me, but a little study revealed some internationally forgotten famous names too.

Look, here are Color Me Bad (sic)!

And Don Johnson, who even managed to write something in French, bless him.

Here are Worlds Apart, an Anglo-French boy band. Look at the effort they put into writing their name!

The one which I kept noticing though, mostly because it was directly behind my friend’s head, was Right Said Fred. You remember them, right?

Strangely (or perhaps not) the tune I was humming for the rest of the evening was not one of their handful (by which I mean two) of hits, but the 1970s novelty single from which they took their band name: