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“She was funny. Yet despite my feelings for her, I realised that I would have preferred a letter to her presence. Is this pathology due to the predominance of written correspondence in my life? Rare are those whose physical presence is preferable to one of their letters – assuming, of course, that they have a minimum of letter-writing talent. For most people such a realisation would mean an admission of weakness, a lack of energy, an inability to confront the ‘real’. People have said to me ‘You don’t like people in real life’. I retort ‘Why are people necessarily more real if they’re standing in front of you? Why is their reality not better, or just different, in a letter?’ […] ‘There are people I know only via their letters. Certainly, I’d be curious to see them, but it’s far from indispensable.’

Amélie Nothomb, Une forme de vie (my translation)


One thought on “Your correspondent

  1. Erik R. January 18, 2012 / 5:05 pm

    Nice. I wonder what she thinks of Social Media, which facilitates contact with non-met people, but also shortens individual interactions.


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