I love bookshops. I hate bookshops.

I love browsing, making discoveries, and simply taking pleasure in the knowledge that such a variety of interesting and beautiful books is available to me.

I hate seeing so many books I want to read and then thinking of the piles of books sitting on the shelves at home, waiting to be read, and then thinking of how little time I have to read.

Yesterday, at Cook & Book, as my daughter poked around the children’s section, I realised that there’s something else I love about bookshops: watching other people browse. Seeing other people (especially children) taking pleasure in browsing and reading.

A friend once said that one of her favourite sights was seeing someone smile as they read a book.


One thought on “Browsers

  1. Erik R. January 30, 2012 / 12:07 pm

    Browsers are great. Except Internet Explorer.


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