Tables and walls and ceilings

Another Saturday morning browsing in Pele-Mêle bookshop. No purchases this time, but I paid a little more attention to the décor than the inventory. Although this display of French adventure novels caught my eye.

I got to see some of the illustrated tabletops in more detail.

This one is frankly unsuitable for minors and should be placed more discreetly.

Speaking of discretion, the amenities are identified with charming illustrations.

However, should you feel (and I couldn’t blame you if you did) that the gender of the figure above remains ambiguous, there is a helpful and strategically placed caption.

Outside, photogenic urban decay.

Sunday night, and a trip to the cinema with Ian to see Lo Zio di Brooklyn, a grotesque and surreal Italian comedy, showing as part of the Offscreen festival in the Cinema Nova. This was only my second visit to the Nova, which is a dilapidated but charming place which gives the impression of being housed in an abandoned warehouse decorated by your old, mad aunt.

Here’s the ceiling above the screen.

And here’s one of the pictures in the basement bar. The eyes move slowly from side to side, scanning the bar patrons for a likely victim.


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