Dressing up

Yesterday we made a return trip to the Japanese garden in Hasselt where they were celebrating Children’s Day. A local Japanophile cosplay organisation took the chance to come along and strut their stuff, dressed up as various characters from manga and anime. Not that I recognised any of them.


The young lady in this photo must have been freezing. I had a jumper and jacket on and I was cold.


Every now and then they’d switch into character and strike a few poses for the cameras (mostly their own). I can see the point of this if you’re going to take part in a show of some kind, but to make all the effort to dress up and then just to hang out and chat among yourselves seems a bit of a waste.


Then a long came this lady with her little entourage. At first I thought Lady Gaga had stopped by to shoot a video, but then I realised it was a married couple using the gardens as a picturesque backdrop for their wedding photos.


I love the head-piece. Only afterwards did it occur to me that maybe her religion forbids her from showing her hair.



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