Book shopping

When I left my old job a few weeks ago they had a whip ’round and gave me some Waterstone’s vouchers as a leaving gift. Today I finally managed to get ’round to popping into town to spend them. I’m currently on leave looking after my son, so I dropped him with my wife in her office. This meant that I didn’t have an enormous amount of time to spare (about an hour, including time to get to and from the shop), but fortunately I was prepared. I had a list in a note on my phone; a selection from my amazon wishlist, although I was also open to serendipity.

In the end I got three books I’d planned to (Partridge, Reynolds and Spufford), one for my wife for her book club (Andric) two I hadn’t planned on getting but already knew I was interested in (Roberts and Hochschild), and one last-second impulse purchase from the display next to the till.

Note that Waterstone’s is by far the most expensive place to buy English books in Brussels, so I walked out with fewer books than anticipated, but since they were essentially for free I can hardly complain too much. It was also a little weird to buy so many books in one go. I could afford to do this a lot more often in theory, but having a voucher makes me want to splurge and spend it all.

Now I just need to decide where in my ever-expanding To Read pile to put these. As I’ve just bought them I’m still excited about them, so it’s tempting to read them next, but is it fair that they jump the queue when there are so many other worthwhile tomes patiently waiting their turn on my shelves?


2 thoughts on “Book shopping

  1. Inland Empirical August 20, 2012 / 10:47 pm

    I can appreciate that you took your Amazon wishlist to a brick and mortar instead of doing things the other way around. I know Waterstones isn’t exactly an indie, mom & pop shop, but when these kinds of stores go away (for us, Borders) you realize their worth.


  2. simonlitton August 21, 2012 / 11:36 am

    Yeah, I’m even more keen on bricks and mortar now considering what I’ve read recently about the conditions in online stores’ warehouses.


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