Street theatre

This year we finally made it along to the annual Fêtes Romanes festival at Wolubilis. The idea is that the open areas around the Wolubilis cultural centre are taken over for the weekend by a programme of dance, acrobatics and street theatre. We took the kids along for a few hours on Sunday afternoon and were blessed with perfect weather. As we arrived an Australian called El Magnifico was entertaining the crowds with his blend of pogoing, flaming remote controlled cars and mild double entendres.




The kids loved it.

There then followed a show on the main stage which seemed to consist of a man beatboxing and rapping in incomprehensibly fast and garbled French for forty minutes. The children were happy to sit through it, so my wife and I took turns browsing in Cook & Book and buying snacks.

Then there was a dancer who rolled around on the floor and contorted his face and body as if he were suffering some unspeakable torment. He smiled at the end when taking a bow, so I guess he recovered ok.




There was a final show of which I didn’t get any decent shots as I was off to the side, but it was a very entertaining mixture of comedy and acrobatics, ending with a performance of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance which my three year old son sang the whole way home. There were many other shows on offer which we’d have liked to see, but we had to get home to collect child number two from scouts.

We’ll definitely try to go along next year, and maybe for both days.

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