Dinner in Colindres, lunch in Laredo

As you may have read elsewhere, my wife and I spent four days in Spain recently as a tenth wedding anniversary celebration trip, visiting our friends Erik and Marga. While fancy restaurants were definitely on the agenda (wait for the next post for details), we also ate Chez Rasmussen and at a few bars in town.

On the first evening Erik prepared a lovely tortilla. Check out his expert tortilla-flipping technique!



He also sliced some ham from a large pig leg he happened to have sitting in his kitchen. Check out his expert ham-slicing technique!



Plus, there were some yummy anchovies on sticks with chillies and olives. But after that they did something else with anchovies. Wait for it; I’m about to blow your mind. Anchovies…with condensed milk.

I know, right? I did take a photo but I’m not going to post it, as the finger-length cylinders of dark red fish flesh spattered with creamy white sauce looked a little NSFW. But trust me, they were amazing.

The next day we headed over to the next town: beach resort Laredo. We bar hopped drinking red wine and stuffing ourselves with tapas. After a couple of tortillas we were taken to a restaurant which specialised in grilled mushrooms.


And here they are. Huge, succulent, piping hot and slathered in garlic sauce. So hot in fact that I burnt the roof of my mouth on the first bite, but it was worth it. I could have eaten ten of these.


I tried to take a photo of another bar’s tapas selection, and this guy photobombed me. And then he gave me his email address and asked me to mail him the picture.


Next bar, soft-boiled egg, potato puree and ham speckles.


Erik ordered one enormous slice of tomato, which I think had mozzarella underneath. He seemed happy with it.


Finally, more anchovies with dairy products. Cheese, this time.


A very civilized approach to lunch, and pretty filling too. Which helped soak up all the wine. Maybe these Spaniards are onto something?


One thought on “Dinner in Colindres, lunch in Laredo

  1. Di Mackey June 18, 2013 / 9:40 pm

    Beautiful photographs. Looked like you had a truly superb time.


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