Bookalokal: Japanese

Following our successful first taste of Bookalokal, we booked another…er…”lokal” this week. This time we opted for Japanese. Our host, Haruko, generously welcomed both us and our two daughters into her home, where she and a friend prepared us the following feast.

For starters, a mixed plate of fried shrimp, marinated chicken, bacon-wrapped asparagus, and, the highlight for me, peeled cherry tomatoes soaked in saké and, I think, soy sauce (correct me if I’m wrong, Haruko!).

On the side, potato, carrots and pork.


For the children she prepared rice covered with omelette, which they were very happy with, although they also tried all of our dishes too.


Ours, meanwhile, was chirashizushi: a combination of shrimp, rice, beans, shiitake mushroom and shredded omelette.


On the plate, sprinkled with nori (dried seaweed).


The obligatory bowl of miso soup, although this time with a twist: instead of cubes of tofu there was a bottom layer of cubes of boiled potato.


Dessert was a sesame-flavoured mousse, similar to one we once had in Kamo. Haruko added a blob of chantilly cream on the side, joking that this turned it into a Japanese-Belgian fusion dish. We chatted throughout about our own travels in Japan, our favourite Japanese restaurants in Brussels, and how it’s not too hard to find Japanese ingredients in Belgium although they can be quite expensive.


The food was all fresh and tasty and beautifully presented, and as a bonus after we’d finished eating they gave our daughters an origami lesson.


A very pleasant evening, and one we’d be happy to repeat.


3 thoughts on “Bookalokal: Japanese

  1. Erik R. August 2, 2013 / 10:05 am

    Looks amazing, once again. You’re just the kind of client Bookalokal wants, positive and vociferous.


    • Bookalokal (@Bookalokal) August 2, 2013 / 5:36 pm

      Couldn’t agree more! Looking forward to having you try many more cultural and culinary adventures.


  2. Haruko August 2, 2013 / 1:32 pm

    Thank you, Simon for such a nice article!
    Yes, cherry tomamoes were soaked in Sake, Soysause, Mirin (Sweet sake for cooking), and Japanese fish soup stock. It sounds complicated but this time, honestly I used a ready-made ”Mentsuyu”. If you like Udon, Soba or Soumen, you should buy one at Japanese shops. It’s really useful.
    Also I forgot to tell you but in Chirashizushi, there was also roasted mackerel!
    Please come again, next time with your little son!


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