Bookalokal: Indian Vegetarian

Yes, we went to another bookalokal meal last night, but this time there was a difference: it was free!
OK, there was a catch. We weren’t there as paying customers, but as “verifiers”. Bookalokal approached us to test new hosts to make sure they’re up to scratch. We didn’t exactly go in with clipboards and pursed lips, but we did have a checklist of criteria and a report to write afterwards.

The meal was Indian vegetarian, and our host was the very friendly, bubbly and chatty Srimathi, who provided us with the following mouth-watering menu. First, a spicy rasam soup made with lentils, tamarind, tomato and spices. It was peppery and delicious.

The main dish was tomato rice, spiced potatoes, cucumber and yoghurt raitha and poppadoms. We both gladly devoured three servings each of this.


The dessert was something of a revelation: carrot, condensed milk, nuts, raisins and cardamom. Sweet and yummy. I can see us making this one at home.


We had plenty to talk about, from the food itself to our own travels in india to expats’ expectations of Indian food. I’d say there’s certainly an audience for Sri’s cooking here in Brussels, as British expats in particular are always complaining that they can never find a decent Indian restaurant. Our meal was authentic and pleasingly hot and spicy.

By the way, Sri says that the only restaurant she’s found in Belgium which lives up to her standards is Aahaar in Antwerp. But for a more personal and friendly experience, book a meal with her instead.



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