Browsing, buying

Today and tomorrow there’s a large Christmas market in the atrium of the building where I work, organised by Femmes d’Europe. There are stalls selling food items and handicrafts from various countries, but the highlight for me is always the secondhand book sale.


Now there are any number of bookshops in town where I can go and buy whatever I want, but it’s still a lot more fun to browse through boxes of paperbacks for one Euro each, never knowing what you might find. I exercise a lot more restraint these days, fully aware of the limitations on the amount of time I have to actually read the stuff I buy, so in the end I settled for four for myself, and five for the kids.

My eldest daughter is going through a major Jacqueline Wilson stage at the moment, and both she and her sister love the Geronimo Stilton books too.


Further along there was a stall selling children’s toys and games. You know the kind of thing: wooden blocks, toy cars, DVD box sets of The Killing…


And it’s all for charity!


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