On holiday in Devon recently, we took the opportunity to spend part of a day at a Knightshayes, a local National Trust property designed by William Burges in the late 19th century. Naturally it’s a visually stimulating place, so naturally photography is not allowed. However these days a strategically muted smartphone can help, although I was spotted and gently asked to cease and desist once we reached the last room of the tour: the library.
Also, in fairness, the photo ban only technically applied to the artworks, whereas I was more interested in the walls than what was hanging on them. Because Knightshayes has some lovely wallpaper.

For example, a bedroom for ornithologists:



The ceiling’s not bad either.


Malacologists may prefer the nearby bathroom.


Or something more botanical?


Many of the rooms had tray-sized mirrors for you to walk around with, so that you could marvel at the ceilings without straining your neck.



The garden’s lovely too. I may post about that next…


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