Tarr Steps

Following our morning at the Bampton Charter Fair we drove north into Exmoor looking for a scenic spot for an afternoon stroll. On the advice of Bampton’s librarian we headed for Tarr Steps, parking the car at the top of the hill and walking down for about twenty minutes until we reached the river. Wikipedia notes that

“the bridge possibly dates to around 1000 BC […] It has been restored several times in recent years, following flood damage. Over the years the damage provides a good indicator of the strength of each flood. Some of the top slabs have been washed away in extreme flood conditions and they have now all been numbered to facilitate replacement.”

Photos of the flood-damaged bridge can be seen here, but on the day we visited all was well, if slightly damp.



As we crossed a 4×4 drove through the river and up the hill. Then a couple of normal cars followed down to the bank and hesitated by the water’s edge, clearly (and understandably) concerned that they weren’t the right type of vehicle to ford this particular waterway, and unsure whether or not to turn back. We walked along the bank on the river a little way, admiring the autumn foliage and glistening moss.



And here’s a video taken while walking across the bridge, featuring a surprise appearance from another river-busting 4×4.


One thought on “Tarr Steps

  1. Erik R. November 8, 2014 / 10:42 am

    No small feat building that thing 3000 years ago. Impressive!


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