Five mugs

A friend recently posted five consecutive photos on five consecutive days on facebook. The photo had to be of a mug and he had to tell the story behind it. As the month draws to its close and I run out of blogging material I present to you here, and not on facebook, my Five Mugs.

The Shakespearean Insult Mug, from the Unemployed Philosophers’ Guild. I bought this in San Diego. The only mug I own which is worth reading. I keep this one in my office.


The famous Orange Two-handled Mug. I bought it in Den Bosch in 2007. I use it less than I expected to because I’m not so keen on the feel of plastic, as opposed to ceramic, in my mouth.

The “I heart NY” Mug. Bought in Newark airport in order to use up a few remaining dollars before heading home to Yurp. But then of course the sales tax was added on (because Americans don’t like to include that in the display price) bringing the final price to more than the amount of cash I had left, so I had to pay for it with the credit card and so I still had a fistful of dollars afterwards. Obviously I only use this mug when I’m in a New York state of mind.

The Darth Vader Mug. This came free with some kind of confectionery. I rarely use it because it’s surprisingly capacious and I don’t need coffees or teas that big. No good for drinking from if held in the left hand.

The Ball-handled Mug. Bought in a small shop in Genova. The handle is actually less comfortable to hold than a normal one but I just like the way it looks.

Bonus: Anne found a wacky beer mug the other day in a bar in Brussels.


2 thoughts on “Five mugs

  1. AllisonI. November 21, 2014 / 2:59 pm

    Impressive collection! That Newark airport story is funny/sad. I’m so sensitive about my coffee mug that I can only use about four of my own. My absolute best mug, Skipper, broke last year, along with my heart. Now I find I can only tolerate soft, thick ceramic mugs with thick, no-bullshit handles. I hate tall coffee mugs, clear glass mugs, wide-lipped mugs. I have a couple of petite mugs that are cute but not satisfying. This is serious business.


    • simonlitton November 21, 2014 / 4:27 pm

      It certainly is. Thick, smooth mugs for coffee. That can also work for tea, but so can slimmer, more delicate ones.
      I have to match the mug to my mood or the drink won’t taste right.


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