Most Italian words are recognisable as such, but occasionally you’ll come across one which could be confused with an English word. This one, for example.

Of course this means “end”, and is pronounced “fee-neh”. It’s not warning you that you’ll have to pay a fine, or happily asserting that everything’s just dandy.
The example which most amuses me is the one which can sometimes be seen at the entrance to road tunnels. If there’s a motorway exit immediately after the end of the tunnel, there’ll be a sign for the exit, followed by the words “a fine tunnel” (at the end of the tunnel). Which leads me to imagine a whole series of similar signs adorning other types of Italian transport infrastructure saying things like “A fantastic bridge”, or “A wonderful bypass”.


One thought on “Fine

  1. jellyjules May 8, 2015 / 5:26 am

    A fabulous fairway….


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