Villa Lorraine

We’ve tried to go to Villa Lorraine three times (by the way, you may notice from their website that they also own Villa in the Sky). The first time we had to cancel because my wife was feeling unwell. The second time we had to cancel at the last minute because our car broke down on the way there. This time we both felt fit and well and so did our car, so we made it safe and sound.

Villa Lorraine has been around for a while, and somewhat like Comme Chez Soi its reputation stagnated a little in recent years, only to make a comeback following the appointment of a young new head chef. We arrived and were greeted by a rather elderly valet who insisted on parking our car for us even though we met him in the tiny car park behind the restaurant and he only had to move it a few metres for us into a parking space.

Once inside we chose the longest tasting menu, with wine, and sat back to enjoy the amuse-bouches. All were delicious. Squid ink cracker, foie gras


Little fried dumplings of cauliflower and aioli.


Sardine, avocat, vodka tonic.


Gazpacho with cherries, a burrata sorbet and drops of oregano.


Lobster, beetroot, crunchy little coffee-flavoured puffs.


Frogs legs with pecorino and a cress cream.


Sole with umeboshi (small Japanese pickled fruits) and apricot butter.


Rabbit three ways, one of which was a slightly greasy, crunchy samosa.


CHEESE! It’s been a while since I had a decent cheese selection from a trolley, and this one didn’t disappoint. The waiter explained what every single cheese was and then we chose five each. He laid them out on the plate in a specific order and told us to eat them clockwise. The sommelier said that we could have a glass of red wine with it, or if we were feeling daring we could go with his suggestion: saké. Of course I felt daring, and I was rewarded with a surprisingly flavourful and strong glass of saké.



Sorbet with cardamom and orange.


Strawberries with gold on them. And little floppy tubes full of cream.


Nibbles to go with the coffee.


Pretty good. Glad we finally made it. Although I think Villa in the Sky is probably a little better.


One thought on “Villa Lorraine

  1. bnanno July 13, 2017 / 11:39 am

    Why the ____ can’t they use the traditional pastry for samosa in Europe?
    Otherwise looks awesome, and I have soft corner for a good cheese trolley


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